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Scentsy's New Diffusers: Top Oil Diffuser Of 2016

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Scentsy's exclusive Essential Oils and Oil Diffusers are making headlines in the home fragrance market for one simple reason: It's Scentsy. The leader in home fragrance has now raised the bar even higher with a brand new line of fragrance offerings that will change the way you think about how you approach the essential essence of the look and feel of your home. Imagine this: A fragrant mist fills the air, fulfilling a powerful, multi-sensory experience that immediately ushers in beauty to your environment and renews your soul. That is the heart of Scentsy's Diffuser series- artisanal fragrance expressed through artful design. Essential Oils are different from traditional home fragrance options because, with Scentsy's Diffusers, you can release a water-based microscopic mist into the air, letting fragrance surround you more fully, creating a unique atmosphere experience.

Scentsy's seven diffuser options are designed to enhance any decor style and can be as obvious or as subtle as you want them to be. Even the strength of the oils you diffuse are up to you. Feel free to customize based on your mood, your event, your style or anything else for which you need the perfect balance of fragrance. Each Scentsy diffuser features the world’s most advanced ultrasonic nebulizer to disperse fragrance and options galore including 16 elegant light options to suit you on any day, or night. There are two light modes, white and color. The white mode features high, low and candle-flicker options. If you want color, you have twelve options: fuchsia, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, aquamarine, white, azure, blue, lavender, and purple that can alternate or you can set your Scentsy diffuser to your favorite color to complement your mood, décor or oil. The Scentsy Diffuser also offers an option for no light. Currently there are 7 different styles of Scentsy Diffusers with 4 new added March 1st, 2016 including 2 new Scentsy Kids Diffusers:

  • Aspire puts you completely in control with a handcrafted, textured ceramic shade featuring varied pinholes that glow reminiscent of a warm, starry sky adding yet another layer of aesthetic beauty to your perfect sensory experience.
  • Evolve features a subtly striated shade made of elegant, hand-blown glass, adding another layer of aesthetic beauty to your perfect sensory experience. With the shape of an ancient vessel, it has a timeless and classic look that knows no boundaries.
  • Instill, also made of hand-blown glass, is widely versatile, carefully crafted to be at home in your home, whether you like something more elegant or something a little less obvious. The narrow top glides gracefully down to a wide, rounded bottom, featuring contoured, frosted glass. It makes a contemporary, strikingly uncomplicated statement to round out your perfect sensory experience.
  • Evoke Frosted white glass with a subtle hint of crackle helps you keep a clean look for any part of your home.
  • Reflect This mirrored silver finish will remind you of a starry celestial night. With the different LED lights this diffuser won't disappoint.
  • Deep Blue Sea It’s an adventure under the waves! Little voyagers will love creating fantastical scenes with magnetic — or are they magic? — sea creatures, while they discover new ways to explore at every turn! Includes six magnets.
  • Once Upon A Time Step inside an enchanted world, where a princess tames a darling dragon as her prince guards the castle. Or maybe they all enjoy a picnic in the meadow? The options are endless with colorful magnets kids can use to design their own fairytale. Includes five magnets.

You already trust Scentsy for gorgeous fragrances that you've used in your home for years, maybe even decades, and you've seen with your own eyes what dedication is put into crafting warmers that reflect your personality, interests, decor and lifestyle. Now, with a brand new line of Essential Oil Diffusers, it's time to take another step toward experiencing fragrance on a whole, new level of beauty, thanks, once again, to Scentsy.