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Scentsy Womens Skin Care Products

Friday, January 29, 2016

Have you tried Scentsy's skin care products for women yet? Scentsy has been the leader in home fragrances for so long that many people don't realize that they have overtaken the industry in many other areas as well. In addition to over 80 different fragrances in wax bars for your home, Scentsy has product lines for the home including cleaning and laundry products, toys for kids, and products for bath and body- for men and women. If you haven't already explored all that Scentsy has to offer for every aspect of your life, it's time to get acquainted!

Ladies, you've trusted Scentsy for years to provide you with an array of beautiful fragrances to use in your home and now, the same experts who have amazed you time and again have lent their expertise to bath and body products that will do the same. Luxurious, and carefully created, each line of body products has been created with a woman's unique balance in mind and Scentsy's commitment to excellence truly shines when applied to your skin, the first and most personal aspect of you touched by the world each day.

Scentsy's 8.3. oz. Whipped Body Soufflé

This Body Souffle lets you indulge your desire for smooth, exquisitely scented skin with this decadent whipped body soufflé. It's light enough to apply head to toe and yet creamy without being oily so that your skin feels nourished, hydrated and protected- and perfectly scented without being overwhelming.

2 oz. Velvet Hand Cream

Scentsy has created is an ultra-rich, Nourishing Hand Cream that soothes and softens, leaving hands velvety-soft and beautifully scented. Small enough to toss into your purse, in the console of your car or even to leave in your desk at work, this luxurious hand cream will help your hands stay supple in spite of the winter weather and anything else you put them through as you go about your day.

Scentsy Fine Fragrance Roller

This has been a favorite of women since it first arrived on the scene. A kiss of parfum to trace along your pulse points, or wherever you wish, this .34 fl. oz. bottle of fragrance is more than just an afterthought as you rush out the door. The Fine Fragrance Roller is the companion to your skin's natural essence, blending with your own unique smell and creating a scent that reflects the real you without overpowering.

Each of these three women-focused products comes in some of Scentsy's most creative and exciting fragrances yet:

  • The scent of NO. 09 is a blend of crushed pineapple, coconut milk and exotic vanilla. Your adventure awaits as you dream of distant lands, brought to life in a creamy, tropically inspired fragrance sure to set your spirit free.
  • You'll love Scentsy's fragrance NO. 27 if you enjoy the balance of mandarin nectar, velvet rose and white amber, because this scent carries a sense of innocence and yet also has an intrigue all its own. A radiant heart balanced beautifully between bright citrus and sultry, sensual florals is a perfect reflection of you.
  • NO. 34 by Scentsy lets you experience candied violet, pink orchid and chantilly cream, like a swirl of white satin and pearls. The fairytale is yours for the taking amongst lilting, confectionary notes pretty enough for a princess.
  • You'll know Scentsy's NO. 45 fragrance is perfectly yours when you smell its blend of lemon sugar, wild poppy and tonka bean. Fun and flirtatious, just like you. This sweet, sparkling fragrance captures pure femininity and the effortless charm that makes you irresistible.
  • Grab Scentsy's fragrance NO. 82 for yourself if you love white peach, white magnolia and white amber. With deep floral notes and earthy, provocative amber cast an alluring, it still casts a decidedly elegant spell.