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Scentsy Valentines Warmers Scents And Gifts 2016

Friday, January 08, 2016

Scentsy Valentines Products 2016

In case you missed the giant, red hearts everywhere, the oversized, stuffed teddy bears and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates or the romantic sentiments at every grocery store, gas station and gift shop- it's Valentine's Day. Did you just roll your eyes?

If so, you're probably one of the millions of people who refuse to participate in holidays that are more about grand gestures and tacky gifts than actual, genuine everyday feelings between real people- and that's okay because Scentsy is the answer you've been looking for. Yes, it's important to show your love and speak your love to those around you every, single day, but sometimes it's nice to just do something a little extra special for the one you love, right? Doesn't everyone deserve a grand gesture once in a while?

This Valentine's Day, trade in the cliches for class by doing it the Scentsy way. (Yes, that's a thing!) Oh, you can be sure there's a Scentsy warmer that's just right for Valentine's Day this year! If you haven't already done so, take a minute to stop and check out Scentsy's "Be Mine" deluxe warmer. Inspired by the classic candies bearing innocent affections, this heart-shaped warmer is the perfect gift for the one you love this Valentine’s Day.

And what would Valentine's Day be without a stuffed animal? Yes, it's true that teddy bears are all over the place at Valentine's Day, but not a Scentsy bear. Why is it different? Because Scentsy buddies are snuggly and cuddly, not an afterthought you grab on your way out the door- scratchy and cheap. Lovey the Bear, the fluffy, white Scentsy Buddy covered in tiny, red hearts is the classy, understated, simple gift that you've been looking for. With Scentsy's "Cherished" Scent Pak tucked inside her zippered pouch, Lovey the Bear can speak volumes to the love in your life without ever speaking a word.

Scentsy Skin Products Valentines 2016

The final touch? A few, small delights that are more personal in nature like Scentsy's Velvet Hand Cream No. 27 featuring a blend of mandarin nectar, velvet rose and white amber. Add to that Scentsy's Whipped Body Cream No. 9 with the tropically-inspired fragrance of crushed pineapple, coconut milk and exotic vanilla. Finally, grab Scentsy's Fine Fragrance No. 45, a perfectly balanced combination of lemon sugar, wild poppy and tonka bean, and round out the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Put these five items in a basket, wrap it all in cellophane and put a bow on top- viola! You have just created a sweet, thoughtful and truly unique Valentine's Day gift. Fun, flirtatious and feminine and exuding an effortless charm that makes you this year's hero. Kiss cliches good-bye and then steal a kiss from the lady you love- you deserve it!