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Scentsy Parties And How They Work

Friday, January 22, 2016

If you know Scentsy at all, you know that Scentsy loves to party. One of the best things about this amazing company is the way that it brings people together- whether it be friends, total strangers or family- to spend time enjoying each other's company and Scentsy's fabulous products. When was the last time you went to a Scentsy party? If you can't really remember, it's time to get yourself to another one- or, even better- host your own!

Scentsy has great hostess perks that allow you to get the products you want for free or half-price with each qualifying party, just for having some friends over to hang out and enjoy an evening together! When it comes to hosting a truly great party, you don't have to worry a bit because your Scentsy rep will help you with everything you need. All you have to do is choose how you're going to get your party on!

Home Party

When you host a party in your home, your main responsibility is to invite friends and family and supply simple refreshments. Then, your Scentsy rep will do the rest- sharing products, discussing how Scentsy works, offer the opportunity for your guests to host a party of their own and even discuss what it's like to be a Scentsy consultant. It's a great evening of conversation, sharing and even learning- all while enjoying the Scentsy products you're excited to share.

Open House Party

If you choose an Open House Scentsy party, your guests can drop by throughout the evening, whenever it's most convenient for them, during the time you've set (usually a 2-3 hour window of time). Rather than one, larger party, your Scentsy consultant will share products, answer questions and chat with your friends as they browse products and mingle with each other.

Online Party

Not sure if your house is quite party-ready? That's okay! Scentsy takes the pressure off of you entirely when you host an online party. Just hop on Facebook and set up an "event' and invite all your friends and family and Facebook connections to shop at your party through a link to your Scentsy consultant's Personal Website. This will ensure that you get all the points and perks that any other hostess would. Then, once your guests have had a chance to place their orders, simply choose your hostess rewards, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your "labor"!

Basket Party

A Scentsy basket party is the way that super busy people get to party. It's a great alternative for anyone who has the kind of friends and family who just can't find time to stop and attend a traditional Scentsy party. If that's you, your Scentsy consultant will provide you with a beautiful display basket full of product samples, order forms and all the information you'll need to share with as many people as you like. Get creative! Work, schools, PTA meetings- anywhere you head as you're roaming about each day. Then, your Scentsy rep will collect the basket and completed order forms and let you know when it's time to get your hostess rewards. Easy as (store bought) pie.