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Scentsy Mens Groom Products

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How many times have you tried to talk to your man about Scentsy only to be rebuffed or dismissed because he writes Scentsy off as a ladies-only thing? You're not alone! Fragrance has classically been associated with femininity, which is, of course, silly, but even so, seeing a man at a Scentsy party usually means one of two things- his wife dragged him there or he is confident enough to be in touch with his feminine side.

Well, it's time to have the Scentsy conversation with your man once again - this time with some tools to help change his mind about what Scentsy is really all about. If you're not already familiar with Scentsy's man-inspired fragrances, it's time to stop and smell the Weathered Leather before moving ahead. Scentsy has a whole line of wax bars with fragrances that appeal to the male sensibilities from every angle- rough and tumble, outdoorsy, indoorsy, refined, unrefined, adventurous, quiet, macho or Mr. Mom and beyond. So, stop. Smell. Show husband. Enjoy being right.

Actually, don't stop there because there's more! Scentsy has a whole line of bath and body products... for women. Yes, you knew that, but wait- now there are Scentsy grooming products for men too! This is the point where you will want to get your hands on a Scentsy catalog, book a party, fire up the grill and tell your husband to invite his friends over for a men-only evening with your favorite Scentsy consultant (yes, there are male Scentsy consultants, too!)

Here's what your man has to look forward to as he embarks on his own Scentsy journey- an entire series of products addressing your man's needs from head to toe.

  • Scentsy's 4 oz. Cream Shave Soaps richly cushion his skin to provide daily cleansing, a precision shave and irritation-free skin. It's a fuss-free experience for fuzz-free skin, and will replace that dried up bar of soap that's been making his face itch every day.
  • Scentsy's 2 oz. Refreshing Face Balms will dispel irritation and soothe freshly shaven skin with a quick-absorbing balm. No itch. No bumps. No shine. No problem!
  • The 4.5 oz. Shampoo, Shave & Shower Bars by Scentsy are gentle, soap-free, all-purpose daily shampoo, shave bar and body wash in one that leaves skin and hair subtly scented and cleansed. No poufs or loofahs. Just clean and oh-so-touchable.

Oh, and to top it all off, each of the three grooming product lines for men is available in his choice (or yours!) of great, man-inspired fragrances:

  • NO. 04 - This man sparks curiosities without showing his hand. Crisp, agile lime warms to cedarwood with enough elegance to draw attention, but never overwhelm.
  • NO. 48 - Like any modern gentleman, perhaps he prefers a tailored approach to temptation. Tangy kaffir lime cultured by earthy notes and an urbane touch of sandalwood.
  • NO. 52 - Restless and well-traveled, with the refreshing air of the outdoors and a splash of citrus, this man is a spontaneous soul who can't be tied down.
  • NO. 68 - Untamed, a little rogue and undeniably masculine. Classic green and cedar notes mellowed by well-worn leather are a sturdy testament to the rugged man in your life.
  • NO. 93 - The surest center of attention, marked by cool herbal notes layered over fallen pine needles, and finished with a strong, assertive swagger, just like him.