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Scentsy Essential Oils: Best Diffuser Oils Of 2016

Monday, March 07, 2016

Essential oils are the hot, new thing in home fragrances. Why? Because they provide more than just great fragrance for your home. In fact, essential oils have been used through the centuries to help elevate mood, refresh and restore, create a sense of balance and provide lasting fragrance throughout the day or night. Unlike candles or even scented wax cubes, essential oils are released into the air differently, which creates a scent experience unlike any you've had before. Scentsy has, once again, led the way in reimagining the way that fragrances are used in your home, releasing a brand new line of 29 essential oils, essential oil blends and 100% natural oils to completely change how you think about fragrance.

Essential oils, rather than being heated or melted, are released into the air using a diffuser. The Scentsy Diffuser series is world class- each is a signature home decor piece that doesn't just release fragrance, but is a work of art on its own- a complementary beauty that utilitarian diffusers just can't compare to. After all, what is the point of having a beautiful fragrance in an unsightly diffuser? Beauty should be experienced in every way possible! With interchangeable decorative shades, 16 lighting options and three mist settings, Scentsy's diffusers elevate your fragrance experience into a truly personal, all-encompassing sensory experience.

How does it work? Simply add water and then add your favorite Scentsy essential oil to the diffuser reservoir and then choose your light and mist options. Voila! This exclusively natural, full-bodied fragrance experience will affect not only your home, but you as well- for the better. Each of Scentsy's three diffusers emits a soft glow from an LED light that you can adjust between a range of a range of gorgeous colors, based on your mood. The white mode features high, low and candle-flicker options. The color mode features a continuous cycle of twelve inspiring colors or set the diffuser on one color to complement your mood, décor or oil. The Scentsy Diffuser may also be used with no light. It's completely up to you and how you want to personalize your Scentsy essential oil experience!

Unfamiliar with essential oils? Even though essential oils have been used for a variety of reasons over the centuries, plenty of people are just starting to learn about the benefits of using essential oils in their homes. The benefits of using a Scentsy Diffuser to release fragrance in your home are many. Among them is the use of cold-mist technology, which allows the fragrance character remains consistent throughout the fragrance experience. Second, the diffuser offers high, low and intermittent diffuser modes, giving you more control over the intensity and longevity of your fragrance experience. You can also customize your fragrance experience by adding more or less oil, or combining oils.

Scentsy, the world's most respected leader in home fragrances, is defining the rules for excellence and innovation once again with the Scentsy Diffuser series, letting you finally experience what the rest of the world has been talking about!